The Consultancy was established in 2010 and is founded on over six decades of forensic science practice, management and research in a variety of forensic disciplines, all delivered at the highest level. Based in New Zealand, with a presence in London UK, the Consultancy enjoys an international clientele and offers a range of forensic science related services including the review of scientific evidence and the provision of expert testimony.

The principal aim of the Consultancy is to improve the quality and reliability of forensic science.

What sets the Consultancy apart is its expertise in the interpretation of scientific evidence, and its possession of world-leading knowledge and experience of the scientific, legal, ethical and quality standards; compliance with which assures the reliability of scientific evidence. Our critical assessment of scientific evidence, its interpretation and presentation will expose any non-compliance with those standards, which might call into question the reliability of that evidence. We are unique in offering this type and degree of scrutiny.

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Our approach enables us to assess the reliability and interpretation of a wide range of evidence types including;

  • DNA profiling & sequencing,
  • documents,
  • evidence integrity and continuity,
  • firearms,
  • fires and explosions,
  • fingerprints,
  • gunshot residue,
  • papers, fibres, and polymers (plastics),
  • paint and glass, and
  • toxicology and drugs.