Evidence Review

Expert Witness Testimony and Related Services

Linked Forensic Consultants offers Expert Evidence and Forensic Consultancy drawing on over five decades of forensic practice and the provision of expert testimony in hundreds of cases. Our experience and expertise are unmatched within New Zealand.

Based on our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the “forensic process” (from scene to court) we have developed a particular expertise in critically assessing the reliability of forensic evidence. Focussing on the areas of science, methodology, competence and interpretation we closely scrutinise forensic case work to determine whether or not it meets the high standards now required.

Linked Forensic Consultants has gained a reputation for successfully exposing weaknesses in forensic evidence.

We also offer Expert Evidence in Forensic Chemistry and Biochemistry; the science at the heart of most forensic evidence.

It is important to note that we are a consultancy and do not directly provide laboratory services. If the need for laboratory testing arises our network of contacts can be relied on to provide a service. Just email us directly to discuss your individual requirements.

Quality Standards, such as ISO170251, are now fundamental to the delivery of forensic science. Non-compliance with, or the absence of, Quality Standards can and often do render forensic evidence unreliable. Linked Forensic Consultants with its expertise in quality management can identify non-compliance and assess its impact on the reliability of forensic evidence.

1 ISO17025:2017 ‘General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories’; a standard to which most forensic science laboratories are accredited and with which they must comply.