What we do

Linked Forensic Consultants offers a number of services all aimed at improving the quality of Forensic Science and the reliability of scientific evidence.

Many forensic disciplines have a poor basis in science; are susceptible to cognitive biases, logical fallacies, and present evidence improperly. The Consultancy possesses world-leading knowledge and experience of the scientific, legal, ethical and quality standards compliance with which assures the reliability of scientific evidence.

Drawing on over 60 years of experience in several forensic disciplines, we can offer expert testimony. With our expertise in the interpretation of scientific evidence, and our possession of world-leading knowledge and experience, we can critically assess the quality and reliability of scientific evidence and its interpretation.

  • As quality specialists we develop, establish and maintain quality systems that help ensure forensic evidence is fit-for-purpose.
  • As research partners, we support projects aimed at improving the quality of forensic evidence.
  • As educators and trainers, we teach lawyers, investigators and scientists the strengths and weaknesses of forensic science, the principles of forensic practice, and the roles and responsibilities of forensic scientists.
  • As experts we aim to comply with our own Code of Conduct, jurisdictional codes (such as those applying in NZ and E&W) and those those of our professional bodies. We strive to provide expert evidence that is independent, unbiased, impartial and objective.