Service Standards

Linked Forensic Consultants aims to offer clients the flexibility and responsiveness needed to meet their obligations.

Forensic casework, in which we offer Expert Evidence, takes priority over all other work. We aim to meet all target dates especially where a hearing has been scheduled.

We can be contacted for advice and guidance at all times either by phone (+64 210 524 051) or by email

In the case of legally aided work, once it has been agreed that we are able to provide a service and broadly what that service will be, we will prepare an estimate for approval by the legal aid granting body. To meet client needs we are willing to work at risk, i.e. before approval has been obtained.

Clients, particularly lawyers representing legally aided persons, should not expect Linked Forensic Consultants to do any work unpaid unless expressly agreed.

Please see our Standard Terms and Conditions for further information.

As consultant Forensic Scientists we aim to comply with our own Code of Conduct and those of our professional bodies; the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. We also aim to abide by the Australia and New Zealand Forensic Science Society Code of Professional Practice and the Code of Conduct of the Forensic Science Regulator.

When acting as Expert Witnesses, in addition to the above Codes, we abide by jurisdictional Codes such as the High Court Rules in New Zealand and the Criminal Procedure Rules in England and Wales.